A toolkit to support national and regional implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

This website has been developed on the basis of guidance from the Conference of the Parties to the CBD and recommendations from meetings of the GSPC Liaison Group.

Users are encouraged to submit additional material to make it as comprehensive and useful as possible.

Please check back regularly for updates and new information.  

GSPC resources

GSPC brochure: A booklet providing the full text of the GSPC, the objectives, targets and technical rationales for the targets. Available in English, French and Spanish.

GSPC Guide: a simplified introduction to the objectives and targets of the GSPC. Available in Chinese, French and Spanish, as well as English.

GSPC flier: provides the GSPC targets with linkages to the goals of the  CBD Strategic Plan for BIodiversity. Available in English only.

 Download copies of these resources here, or request hard copies from BGCI


GSPC brochure in English (4mb)

GSPC brochure in French  (4mb)

GSPC brochure in Spanish (4mb)

GSPC brochure in Russian (5mb)

GSPC brochure in Arabic (2mb)

GSPC brochure in Chinese (3mb)

A guide to the GSPC in English (4mb)

A guide to the GSPC in Spanish (4mb)

A guide to the GSPC in French (4mb)

A guide to the GSPC in Chinese (7mb)

You can also download a flyer on the GSPC

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Updates and new resources

Xishuangbanna Declaration on Plant Conservation

The Xishuangbanna Declaration on Plant Conservation was released after unanimous approval from the participants in the Xishuangbanna International Symposium, “Saving All the Plants in a Changing World”,

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