Working modalities

The Partnership represents a voluntary commitment by participating organisations to a common cause, the GSPC, who have agreed to come together in the framework of a GPPC to support the GSPC implementation. Furthermore it is recognised that the Partnership does not seek to compromise the independence of any of its participating organizations but aims to create synergies and add value to existing initiatives, particularly in support of national GSPC implementation and in supporting efforts being made by Parties in responding to the GSPC.

The Partnership recognises and accepts that guidance in relation to the GSPC are set by the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and its subsidiary bodies. Further, it acknowledges its role in the flexible coordination mechanism of the GSPC. The activities of the Partnership will be consistent with guidance provided by the COP and its subsidiary bodies and take account of advice provided through the flexible coordination mechanism.

The Partnership may play a role in identifying gaps which individual organisations and institutions may then take a lead in developing projects to help address those gaps within the broad flexible framework provided by the partnership, involving organisations both within and outside the Partnership as appropriate. The Partnership will seek to focus on enhancing projects and other activities that respond to the GSPC and support its implementation, particularly at national levels rather than endorsing specific projects.

The activities of the Partnership are outlined in a programme of activities prepared and agreed from time to time by the members.

An important role of the Partnership will be to enhance communication and collaboration between participating organizations. The priority will be to minimise duplication of effort and maximise on available limited resources and ensure clarity in communication such as in relation to approaches to donors.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the Partnership remains as flexible and non-bureaucratic as possible, and able to adapt easily and respond to changing circumstances and opportunities.

Participating organizations of the Partnership will encourage co-operation amongst themselves in the implementation of the GSPC and the implementation of the programmes of activities of the Partnership in areas of mutual interest and with other appropriate bodies, to avoid duplication and to benefit from existing resources and expertise.

The approach of the Partnership will be

  • to operate in an open, transparent and flexible manner;
  • to share information on policies, programmes and activities among its participating organizations;
  • to encourage active participation in the implementation of the GSPC and the programme of activitiesof the Partnership at all levels
  • to hold regular meetings and ensure other communication