Any bona fide organisations and institutions, including governmental and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), indigenous peoples organisations (IPOs), the private sector, that are playing an important role in supporting the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation are invited to participate in the Partnership. Membership is open to all bodies that endorse the objectives of the GPPC and are committed to facilitating and promoting its implementation, unless the participation of that organization in the Partnership would be likely to jeopardize the aims of the Partnership. Participation is voluntary and any contributions made by members to the Partnership are subject to available resources in member organisations.

Organizations may become members by an exchange of letters between a responsible official of the organization and the Chair of the Partnership. The letter from the applying organization should endorse the GSPC and accept the aims and working practices of the Partnership

The Chair will acknowledge the membership of the body joining the Partnership. The name of the new member will then be added to the list of members of the Partnership maintained on the Partnership website ( If the bona fide nature of the application of the applicant organization is in doubt, the Chair may consult with the Vice Chairs, and if necessary with the other members of the Partnership, before accepting a membership application.

Organizations may withdraw from the Partnership by informing the Chair in writing of their withdrawal. Organizations may also be withdrawn from membership by the Partnership itself by an affirmative vote of a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at a General Meeting.