Functions of the Partnership

The functions of the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation (GPPC) include, to:

· support the Executive Secretary of the Convention on Biological Diversity, the Parties and the flexible coordination mechanism for the Global Strategy for Plant Strategy (GSPC) to implement the strategy and help monitor progress at all levels in the achievement of the 16 outcome targets by 2020;

· promote the implementation of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation through the activities and initiatives of its participating organizations, other partners and associated networks;

· support the development of collaborative initiatives amongst its members in support of the achievement of the GSPC targets;

· support the development and implementation of national and regional strategies for plant conservation and strengthen integration of the elements and targets of the GSPC into sectoral and institutional programmes and initiatives;

· stimulate, encourage and support the development of national partnerships for plant conservation;

· assist in the development and dissemination of relevant models with protocols for plant conservation, best practices and case studies and provide relevant scientific and technical tools where available, for the implementation of the GSPC;

· participate in the flexible coordination mechanism of the GSPC as established by the CBD Executive Secretary;

· support the development and maintenance of a Toolkit on GSPC implementation;

• provide information on the plant conservation activities of its members worldwide, as a resource for interaction and communication between initiatives and organisations active in plant conservation, working in close collaboration with the Clearing House Mechanism of the CBD;

· identify gaps where new initiatives are required;

· support capacity building initiatives for plant conservation especially in developing countries;

· facilitate education and public awareness on plant conservation and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation;

· maximise and mobilise existing and new resources to support the implementation of the Strategy at all levels.