The primary governing and decision making body of the Partnership will be its General Meetings.The General Meetings will be the means by which the participating organizations will make collective decisions on all matters relating to the GPPC, which will then be put into effect by the GPPC Secretariat. The Partnership’s activities will be guided by the General Meetings. General Meetings will be held from time to time, if possible no less that once every three years, convened by the Chair. All members will be invited to be represented at a General Meeting. The General Meeting should strive to work by consensus whenever possible. If consensus cannot be reached after reasonable attempts have been made, then in exceptional circumstances a decision may be approved by a majority vote of those members present at a General Meeting. All members present at a General Meeting will be entitled to one vote.

The General Meetings may:

a. agree the activities that will be undertaken by the Partnership for the period between General Meetings or for other agreed periods of time. The Partnership may, by consensus, make adjustments to these activities at any time;

b. agree practices as may be required for the sound management of the Partnership’s activities, while assuring adherence to this document and to the principles of the CBD and GSPC;

c. appoint a Chair, and other officers and select or designate a Secretariat;

d. consider any matters pertaining to the GPPC or its operations and the GSPC submitted to it by the Executive Secretary of the CBD, the GPPC Secretariat, or by any member.

e. establish Working Groups to support, advise on and help monitor the achievement of individual or groups of targets of the GSPC and to contribute to and support, as appropriate, the development and maintenance of the GSPC Toolkit.

General Meetings may be supplemented by occasional meetings held by teleconference and/or electronic communications.