National GSPC focal points

The first step in developing a national response to the GSPC is to identify a GSPC Focal Point.

A number of countries have already done this and full list of GSPC focal points is available here.

The Conference of the Parties to the CBD (COP) encourages Parties to identify focal points for the Strategy in order to:

  • Promote and facilitate implementation and monitoring of the Strategy at national level, including the identification of national targets and their integration in national biodiversity strategies and action plans and sectoral and cross-sectoral plans programmes and activities;
  • Promote the participation of national stakeholders in the implementation and monitoring of the Strategy at national level; and
  • Facilitate communication between national stakeholders and the Secretariat and Global Partnership for Plant Conservation.

The Liaison Group on the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation called for additional guidance to GSPC focal points to facilitate their work. The CBD Executive Secretary has prepared a draft, which is accessible here:




In developing a national response to the GSPC, it should also be noted that the GSPC is closely linked with the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and its implementation should be considered within the broader framework of this strategy and the Aichi targets.

Some examples of national strategies and other responses to the GSPC are available here.