Technical Workshop on Establishing Species Conservation Priorities in Jordan

14 September 2012

The Technical Workshop was organized by the Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan and the University of Birmingham of the UK, as part of the BOT-ERA project funded by the European Union. Thirty stakeholders representing government, educational and public institutions attended.

Key discussions were held on how the National Plant Conservation Strategy and Red List assessments will be used for the benefit of Jordan, and how to integrate with the regional and global context.  A pre-workshop questionnaire had been sent out to the participants, to help identify options for determining conservation priorities for Jordan’s vascular plant species. During the workshop, adequate time was allocated to discuss and clarify the points raised in the questionnaire.

The workshop participants voted and agreed upon a criteria point scoring procedure for prioritising plant species, including: crop category, crop wild relatives, threat status, native status, global distribution, Jordanian distribution.

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Click here for the presentation on National Plant Conservation Strategy and Prioritisation delivered at the workshop by Dr Nigel Maxted from the University of Birmingham.




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Xishuangbanna Declaration on Plant Conservation

The Xishuangbanna Declaration on Plant Conservation was released after unanimous approval from the participants in the Xishuangbanna International Symposium, “Saving All the Plants in a Changing World”,

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